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Chord Company launches the new Epic USB cable, a hand-built solution designed to provide an increasingly sophisticated range of USB DACs, music streamers and digital source components with an unadulterated, high-quality signal.
The Wiltshire A/V cable specialist, who has been hand-building its cables in England since 1985, has created the new Epic USB based on lessons learned from the recently developed Chord Company Signature Super ARAY USB; Epic USB’s sonic performance is, in fact, only fractionally behind that of the original Signature USB cable.
The hybrid design, with a focussed approach on the most important elements in the cable results in a performance level normally associated with significantly more expensive models. Epic USB, like so many Chord Company cables, benefits from specialist engineering surrounding cable shielding. UK made Ultra-low-resistance silver-plated copper Ohmic connectors, common to the Signature Super ARAY range, are used to connect the signal-runs of shielded silver-plated copper conductors.
Epic USB also takes advantage of Chord Company’s long-established proprietary Tuned ARAY technology, which maximises performance and sonic accuracy at its price point.

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Our Service Department is now closed for 2 weeks and RMA form is inactive due to the annual leave of our engineering partner Solitra GmbH. Solitra will be offering it services again from Thursday 12th of September.

Please do not send in any products to be serviced between Monday August 19th and Monday September 9th as reception is not guaranteed.

RMA forms will be activated by Friday the 5th of September again. We thank you for your understanding and your support.

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ChordOhmic Hex Gun & 4mm crimp connectors now available + video guide

ChordOhmic 4mm speaker connectors are manufactured in the UK, using brass from Germany. Brass is a copper/zinc alloy. The correct zinc content strengthens the plug and stops it bending, but too much zinc brings the conductivity down and is detrimental to the sonic performance. Our alloy has a much higher copper content which improves the sound of music . To further reduce...

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We are proud to announce the reception of the latest product from HEED AUDIO - THE LAGRANGE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. If you are interested to show this great amplifier in your store, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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