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ChordOhmic Hex Gun & 4mm crimp connectors now available + video guide

ChordOhmic 4mm speaker connectors are manufactured in the UK, using brass from Germany. Brass is a copper/zinc alloy. The correct zinc content strengthens the plug and stops it bending, but too much zinc brings the conductivity down and is detrimental to the sonic performance. Our alloy has a much higher copper content which improves the sound of music . To further reduce...

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We are proud to announce the reception of the latest product from HEED AUDIO - THE LAGRANGE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. If you are interested to show this great amplifier in your store, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Hear Beauty. See Beauty. Hide Everything Else.

The idea behind this furniture came to life when the man behind clic, Mike Fabricius, in 1999 wasn’t able to find a well-thought-out furniture in high quality, that would meet his demands to present Hifi products.

“Most sound systems are created to please your ears and not your eyes. And those pleasing your eye have often ignored your ears. Clic originated from the idea of creating a luxurious piece of furniture in high quality that hides what needs to be hidden and presents music and sound with a clear sense of style” Mike Fabricius CEO

GrammoFile is proud to announce to be selected as the official distributor for Switzerland starting this fall. Please contact us of any interest to offer this great products in your shop!

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