VERTERE DG-1 Dynamic Groove Turntable


The Vertere DG-1 is our most affordable record player yet; the easiest to set up and use, and also contains some of our most innovative thinking. We have examined every element of the design, rethinking the way record players work, and removing every superfluous element that got in the way of our ultimate aim: getting you as close as possible to your music.The result is an elegant record player that draws on the engineering of our flagship models to deliver outstanding performance and ease of operation in a fun and dynamic way.

CHF 3'500.- Starter Pack
Included: Deck, Arm, Lid, 1.0m D-Fi RCA-RCA Interconnect & 1.2m ground wire

CHF 3'700.- Plug & Play
Same as Starter Pack plus factory mounted and set VERTERE MAGNETO MM-Cartridge

CHF 4'000.- Selected Pack N°1 + DV10-X5 MKI
Same as Starter Pack delivered with retailer mounted Dynavector DV DV10-X5 MKI MC - High Output Cartridge (advantage CHF 150.-)

CHF 4'400.- Selected Pack  N°2 + DV20-X2
Same as Starter Pack delivered with retailer mounted Dynavector DV20-X2H or DV20-X2L (advantage CHF 200.-)

CHF 200.- Mounting Service
Mounting and setting on demand for any following Cartridge Barnds: